The Free 24 7 Story

Free 24 7 StoryFree 24 7 StoryFree 24 7 StoryFree 24 7 StoryFree 24 7 Story

It was '79 and our family packed up and headed around Australia - Caravan/LandCruiser, Mum & Dad and my Sister (with me at the Devils Marbles photo top left) - I was 9 years old.  Fishing, Hunting, discovering new places and no school...what a life.  I'm the little kid holding the Snapper with my Dad - fast forward to 2005 and it's our middle child Ethan, holding a Queenfish with me in Karumba.  My wife Tara and our 3 kids packed up our lot and headed around Australia in 2005.  Best year of our lives.  Cape York's iconic Signpost (Tara, Mac, Ethan and Eva in the photo), the Bungle Bungles, Tasmania, the Blue Mountain and everything in between....60 000kms later and the lifestyle had embedded itself for ever into who we are and what we stand for.  Motorhome trips to the USA/New Zealand and our annual Caravan Holiday to Yamba in Northern New South Wales...all life enriching experiences, that continue to bring our family together.  

The Free24 7 Brand is our inspiration, as there wasn't a Branded Clothing/Lifestyle product range for the Caravan/Camping/4WD markets.  Central to our Brand's values is that everything we sell must be of the highest quality, be stylish and functional.  Brands define people and we hope ours reflects who you are and what you want to be - "Free 24 7"!


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