Sustainably sourced Garments - Feel Good in Free 24 7

What's important to our brand:

There's a huge amount of planning that goes into building a trusted Clothing brand.  Iconic brand names that have stood the test of time, have done so because they place a high value on important ideals and socially progressive practices.  We all only get to walk on this Earth once - so let's make it count!  

We've developed a range of clothing that's cool, contemporary and if you're into the outdoor lifestyle, we are going to be hard to beat.

Leading brands in various segments of the Fashion Industry in Australia, like RM Williams and Country Road for example, have been able to stay ahead of the pack because they conduct their operations with outstanding Social Responsibility.

From the outset (December 2016), we established a range of Core Values that will allow the Free 24 7 Clothing brand to operate for the long term.

  • Only source from Socially Responsible suppliers
  • Supply network must be regularly audited for Safety compliance
  • Factories must use stable and realistic targets for workers
  • Supply chain participants must exceed International good labour practices

All our T-Shirts/Tanks are sourced exclusively through AS Colour - a leading New Zealand based Blank Clothing Supplier.  This entity is recognised as one of the most progressive Garment Suppliers in Australasia.  We place great faith in their diligent approach to managing their supply chain, as it meets our stringent requirements.  

With a strong concentration of their supply network being in Bangladesh, we admire the fact that AS Colour recognises that long term mutually beneficial relationships are key, to lifting the living standards of those that work within their network.  

Ultimately as a Clothing Retailer, we pay more for our Blank Garments (we could reduce our costs by 30%+ if we used other suppliers), but we sleep at night, knowing that what we bring to market will not only be valued by our audience because of its outstanding quality, but those who produced it will enjoy a decent standard of living.

New Range of Dress Shirts:

We're introducing a range of Woven Cotton Dress Shirts for Men.  These Button up shirts are beautifully made and detailed.  Selecting an appropriate manufacturer has taken us nearly 8 months, as the supplier had to go through a vigorous examination of their work practices.  

Painstaking verification of work conditions, factory worker targets and overall "feel good" score are the measures we take to ensure that you, as a consumer, get the best possible product that's built to a social standard.  Launching in December, this range of Shirts will add a new dimension to our offering and will no doubt be extremely popular. 

As a consumer, you can feel confident, that when you wear any of the Free 24 7 Clothing range, that it's been responsibly sourced and ethically produced.  It's really important to us and we hope it's important to you too.


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