Pandemic Drives Camping Sales Boom

2020 will go down in the history books for many reasons - unfortunately more on the negative side of the ledger.  With COVID-19 elevating consumer uncertainty around their lives and livelihoods - one low cost pursuit has gained unprecedented growth.  

Outdoor Lifestyle Adventure is a category that has benefited enormously from the current health crisis.  Consumers are reconnecting with Nature, themselves and doing so in socially responsible ways.  The ROAD TRIP is back on the agenda!


Camping as a pursuit is seeing renewed interest and everything from Tents to RV's is enjoying a significant sales reinvigoration.  The impact whilst most pronounced now, will offer long term benefits to the industry that facilities the Camping lifestyle. 

Introducing a younger demographic and reengaging those that had drifted away from the category, whilst solidifying the current active audience, will lead to significant growth in the industry.

If your business relates to the Outdoors, then it's highly likely that it's on the rise.  Whilst that's good for Employment in the sector, there are also many other benefits, both socially and from an educational view point.


  • Fresh Air helps reinforce your immune system, clean your lungs and improves circulatory strain and pulse (this benefit alone should perk up anyones interest to "get out there" more)
  • Improved Moods - nourish your mind by exposing yourself to new scenery, smells and experiences
  • When it becomes a Family Adventure, relationship building and teamwork are undeniable benefits that are often overlooked
  • Educational opportunities for Children with increased time spent Outdoors  This can come in many forms.  Understanding Nature and its cycles, more about the Earth and the way we interact with it (particularly the impact our lifestyle choices have on it) are critical positives.  Children can become more confident and develop their own skills which have lifetime benefits
  • Exercise, whether it be Bush Walking, Kayaking or Mount Biking or any other activity available within the Camping experience, will help in improving the general health and wellbeing of consumers.  

Mental Health benefits of increased Exercise and exposure to the elements will certainly help many through this current environment.  

Time away from "screens" and reconnecting with Nature is incredibly relaxing and will help participants move past the current issues of the world and the impact they are having on them.

With Air Travel a considerable way off and the Cruise industry "off line", the consumer is undeniably falling in love with their own outdoors again.  I'm sure you've seen many of your friends take to Social Media in recent months and Post a photo of their "Backyard Camping Adventure".

Some of the most engaging Social Media posts have centred around "First weekend when Lockdown finishes...I'm going to go....." and the most common response has been "CAMPING".  

There's literally been thousands of photos shared of people enjoying the Camping experience in THEIR OWN BACKYARD wearing their Camping Clothes.

There is an undeniable shift away from "Packaged Holidays" to over crowded locations offering little health reassurance and uncontrolled environments, to those that are lower cost and offer a "back to basics" experience.

In some respects, COVID-19 has allowed us to "reset" our priorities and steer a course that offers a much more sustainable and realistic lifestyle.  Looking after your own backyard has once again become a priority.

Travelling locally and injecting money into the immediate economy is looking after the ones "closest" to us and in many cases, will underpin the recovery process for many smaller towns/regional areas that were so heavily impacted by the Lockdown.

If it's ESCAPE oriented, that's where the consumers minds are currently at - we can't wait to load up the Van again and get out there - take a breath and a safe environment and lend a hand to a local economy in desperate need of some love and affection.


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