Off Road Know How - Top 5 Tips for your next Four Wheel Driving Adventure

Top 5 Tips for your next Four Wheel Driving Adventure

Australia has gotten a whole heap smaller over the years!  With so much of our country now more accessible than ever before, the weekend family adventure in the trusty 4WD is high on the agenda for many - and not just for those living in the bush.  

Owning a 4x4 is one thing, driving it safely and returning it in one piece from a weekend adventure is an entirely different proposition.  The ever expanding Brotherhood of 4WD is a large group of people from all walks of life looking to "get out more" - so here's our Top 5 Tips for making the most of your next 4WD trip.

  1. Never Go Alone.  Sounds simple, but it's the one thing that can prevent a minor mishap turning into a major disaster.  Inexperienced off roaders can easily get themselves into dangerous situations, that cause damage to your vehicle or even worse, injury to you or a family member.  Having another vehicle will minimise risks and make for a safer recovery if needed.
  2. Be prepared.  The bush isn't like the city where you can call for help and someone arrives to save the day.  Ensure your vehicle is suited to the conditions in which you intend to drive it through, have recovery kits, communications to suit your chosen location, a first aid kit and adequate Food & Water to last for 5 days longer than you intend to travel for.  Warm Clothing (4x4 Hoodies/Beanie Hats for Men or Women) are a must if you are travelling in Winter - additionally, adequate Sunscreen supplies for Summer)
  3. Check Weather Conditions.  Just like the Ocean, conditions in the Bush change quickly and so to do the driving conditions.  Excessive rain can impact track accessibility, river levels (making crossing dangerous or impossible) and so too can high winds impact safe passage through heavily wooded areas.  
  4. Understand your Vehicles capabilities - READ THE VEHICLE OWNERS MANUAL.  If you're inexperienced - stay calm, think before you drive and take it slowly.  More often than not, vehicle damage is the result of driving at speeds in excess of a drivers ability to react to unexpected obstacles.  
  5. Know your Technology and Understand how it works.  With the standard family 4x4 now better equipped than ever before, it's important to understand how Hill Descent Control works off road, what your ABS functionality can do for you as you change directions quickly in the dirt or sand - the modern 4x4 is loaded with high tech that can really make a difference off road - learn it, understand it and maximise its benefit.

Driving off road is a whole heap of fun and brings within reach some of Australia's most pristine environments.  Whether it's the Victorian High Country, Cape York or a trip with a convoy of family friends along the beaches of Stockton or Fraser Island, observing the above 5 simple Tips can help ensure that you, your family and your beloved 4x4 all arrive home back safely.

Keep Makin' Tracks!

Photo Credits: patrolfreak1 (I.G.), azzabaz (I.G.)

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