Button Up Party Shirts - one of Men's Fashion's most "ON TREND" pieces

Since when has the Aussie male become Fashion conscious?

Apparently right about now!

Whether it's a nostalgic Shirt with a cool design, or one that reflects your lifestyle passions, the coolest Shirt to be wearing is a Button Up Party Shirt.  T-Shirts aren't going anywhere fast and will always be a staple for the wardrobe, but it's hard to ignore what's on trend.

There are a heap of drivers behind this new wave of Fashion, not least that high quality, 100% Cotton Shirts are super cool and comfortable to wear.  With the Summer that we've had so far in Australia, you can't blame the guys for wanting something that offers some relief.  

Like anything, there's good and bad out there.  The Surf industry have been playing in the Button Up Shirt scene for years and this goes all the way back to the traditional Hawaiian Shirts.  These were built for comfort/not speed and suited the warm climate of Hawaii.

Unfortunately the Surf Clothing industry was largely driven by the Retailers needing to drive big margins to cover even bigger bricks and mortar rents - so in many cases, they opted to use Rayon or similar materials (Polyester blends) to keep the prices down.  There's always a catch when you cut corners, and the customers in our view lose out with fabrics that don't breathe and are generally hotter to wear.

There's no substitute for high quality Cotton and we've developed a range of woven cotton party shirts that are perfectly suited to the Australian climate.  If you are into the 4x4 lifestyle and want to look good "off the tracks" too, the Free 24 7 Overander 4WD Shirt is for you.

The Overlander Shirt design was created for the 4WDer.  The Shirts come with small icons printed on the Shirt that reflect your lifestyle passion.  Bow Shackles, Winches, Camp Fires, a 4WD, Tyre treads in sand and...well...Beer of course - put all these elements together and you've got a great weekend away AND an awesome casual button up shirt.

The Overlander 4WD Shirt is currently available in Navy and Storm Grey - but we will no doubt release other colours down the track due to the popularity of the Shirt.  

To bring this Shirt to life, we designed it with unique Gear Cog Buttons and awesome Lifestyle Labelling - this is a genuine 4WD Shirt that won't look out of place - no matter where you find yourself.

Beautifully made and detailed, this Shirt goes off!

Don't worry, our Caravan & Campers haven't been forgotten either.  If you've ever Camped, there's no time quite like "Happy Hour" - when the rabble come together to share the days adventures.  Come 4 O'Clock at Campsites around Australia, the Beer & Wine flows and the Cheese and Biscuits (BBQ Shapes go best with Corona!!!) are served.

Whether you want to simply look and feel Cool or the Missus tells you to put on your "Good Shirt", Free 24 7 won't leave you hanging.  Our latest design for the Caravan/Camper is in fact...the "Good Van Shirt".  A beautiful, 100% Cotton Button Up Shirt, coming in a Relaxed Fit and retro styling.  

Whilst all your mates are still turning up in their old Billabong Tees - this one will have them talking.  Light weight and detailed with Coconut Husk buttons (laser engraved Branding on the Button walls!!!) head on down to the local looking great.

At Free 24 7, we are committed to offering the highest quality garments at affordable prices - everyday.  We understand that you are all different and that wearing the same Shirts as your mates is very 80's and outdated - you are individual and as such, you want a shirt that reflects who you are.  

"No one has the patent on you" - Katie St. Claire

We will continue to design and develop more cool shirts as we grow the brand, so stay tuned, you never know what we will bring out next.

Photo Credits: @lukeyashby (IG) & @linny1680 (IG) - cheers guys - looks like you were having FUN!

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  • Wonderful stuff! I saw one of your shirts at the Melbourne 4×4 expo. Good stuff legend.

    Ernie Dingo

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